The Humble Hive Bee Co.

While many of us run away from bees, Angie Logan and her team at the Humble Hive Bee Co. are protecting and preserving the bee population up and down the Central Coast!

The Humble Hive has been around for seven years! They are dedicated to producing the best local organic honey. Their bees and honey can be found in many local areas. They are continuing to grow, despite many bee keeping obstacles. “Our ultimate goal is to provide premium organic honey and other products that are both enjoyable and luxurious. With our top priority being preservation and protection of the bees’ well being,” Logan said.

Humble Hive is sold in many local stores and shops. “Small business adds unique store fronts for tourism, fun items to shop for, and enhances coming together of people in your community,” Logan said. You can find Humble Hive Bee Co. in San Luis Obispo at Lincoln Market and Deli, SLO Provisions, Sausalito Canyon, and right here at the Mercantile! They are also in Paso Robles, Atascadero, and Morro Bay.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 3.06.10 PM

Without the Humble Hive, the Central Coast would simply not have the opportunity of enjoying the best honey locally harvested. The different colors, flavors, and pollen each jar contains is individually unique. Like other small businesses on the rise, Humble Hive continues to support local, as well.

Humble Hive Bee Co. Seven Bee Principles:
1. Bee Kind: Practice kind harvesting methods to ensure happy healthy bees’.
2. Bee Aware: Educate continually on the survival of honey bees and how we can help sustain them.
3. Bee Environmentally Conscious: We try to use only recyclable packaging, and biodegradable if possible.
4. Bee Grateful: Appreciate the community and all who support it to make it a better place to bee.
5. Bee Healthy: Eat organically, shop at local markets, and ingest nutritious foods that are so abundant in our area.
6. Bee educated: Help educate people on the importance of the bees and the wonderful gifts the offer
7. Bee buying Local: Buying local products is what helps sustain small business owners, and adds uniqueness and charm to our community. You also reap the rewards of all the love small business owners devote to their companies.


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